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Technical Specifications

Twin hull (Cat) high speed type Fiber reinforced sandwich construction
Length over all 55 ft
Length at design waterline 42’ 10”
Bredth, moulded 12’ 0”
Sponson Body moulded breadth 38.8” (3’ 2.7”)
Depth, moulded 6’ 2”
Draft to design waterline 3’ 0”
Displacement, light 15,800 lbs (6.8 LT)
Displacement, maximum draft 24,500 lbs (10.9 LT)
Speed (depending on load and conditions) Fast, safe and secure!
Passenger capabilities, Option 1 43 adults maximum
Crew complement 2
Propulsion Twin Diesel Yanmar 6LY3-STP each 440HP;
(309 KW) @ 3300 Rpm
Propeller system Arneson Surface Drive, ASD-8 In-Line & Reduction;
Gear 1.48:1
Fuel tanks 2 x 180 U.S. Gallon
Electric power 12V DC, four batteries
Design and construction standard U.S. Coast Guard, Small Passenger Vessel Standard

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